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We started as a window cleaning company, so we know a thing or two about cleaning glass. Hundreds of homeowners and businesses in the Columbia, SC, area have trusted us since 2016 with the regular cleaning of their exterior and interior windows. Keeping your windows maintained on a schedule allows you to enjoy the view of the outside without having to worry about doing the window cleaning yourself, which many people describe as frustrating. It is difficult to get glass to a streak-free shine, which is why all our technicians are trained in multiple methods so they can select the way that will give you the best results.

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Benefits of our Columbia Window Cleaning Services

While exterior window cleaning will remove the majority of the contaminants, interior windows many times will have a layer of dust, grime, and fingerprints, which will prevent your windows from fully sparkling. Cleaning the interior will help give the glass the invisible quality we desire from expertly cleaned windows.

Exterior window cleaning is the most impactful to the clarity of the glass as that side is the most exposed to the elements. There is something so relaxing about looking out a clean glass and seeing all the vibrant colors outside.

Imagine having your exterior windows cleaned but not your screens. A few days go by, then a heavy rain drives all the dirt on your screen onto your recently cleaned window, making it look dirty again. While that would be a frustrating situation to be sure, such a scenario is why we always recommend having your screens cleaned along with your windows so they can both stay cleaner, longer. The other positive point is when you go to open your window, you will not have all the dirt caught on the screen blowing into your home.

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Why Choose Our Columbia, SC Window Cleaning Services?

All our technicians are taught multiple methods to clean windows, but our main two methods are the traditional scrubber and squeegee and a water-fed pole. Water-fed pole technology, which uses low-pressure purified water sprayed out of a brush head on the end of a pole. We scrub with the brush and rinse with the purified water to leave a streak-free shine. Since the water is purified, there is no need to wipe it off since it dries streak-free. This method allows us to safely reach up to 60 feet from the ground, though we do still use ladders when needed to give you the best cleaning experience. Using our services will allow you to receive professional results without having to do the dirty and sometimes dangerous work yourself.

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Frequently Asked Window Cleaning Questions

Dirt, dust, grime, and other contaminants will gather on your windows, creating an unsightly viewing experience from both your interior and exterior. This can impact your ability to enjoy your home since you have to look past dirty to see outside, and the dirt on the outside mutes your windows shine as you approach the outside. Window cleaning services revive the glass surfaces so you can again enjoy their sparkle.

Most home’s exterior windows can be cleaned for $250-$450. Interior and exterior cleaning usually ranges from $500-$800, but it really depends on how many windows there are, as well as what type of windows, since some are harder to clean than others.

We have found exterior windows usually need to be cleaned twice a year to keep them looking their best. Interior windows are usually only needed once a year, sometimes only every two years, depending on the home.

We use a combination of scrubber squeegee and a water fed pole. Each job is different and is evaluated to make sure we use the most effective method available for that particular window type.

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